Three-Nine Line: Flute Music of Nicole Chamberlain

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Nicole Chamberlain, flute and composer

Matthew Angelo, flute

Mary Matthews, flute

Jessica Niles, piano


Three-Nine Line for Flute and Piano
1. I. Flathatting
2. II. Deadstick
3. III. Trim
4. IV. Jink

5. Mintaka for three flutes (from Orion's Belt)

6. Lilliputian for piccolo and music box

7. In Cahoots for Two Flutes

8. Asphyxia for solo flute

9. Chatter for Two Flutes

Smorgasbord for Solo Flute and Piccolo
10. I. Crunchy
11. II. Gelatinous
12. III. Carbonated
13. IV. Fluffy

14. Percolate for Three Flutes