The Flutistry Edge: Your Exclusive Benefits Package

We pride ourselves on having the most generous and comprehensive warranty and benefits package in the business - all at no additional cost! We are pleased to provide the following benefits standard with every instrument purchase:

Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Each new instrument purchased comes with the standard manufacturer warranty. The details of these warranties are at the discretion of each individual manufacturer and are generally 1 year on beginner through intermediate flutes and lifetime on custom/professional level instruments. This typically covers all of the hardware (metal parts) of the instrument and may include the wood on piccolos, wood headjoints, and wood flutes. All manufacturer warranty issues are reviewed, assessed, and executed by Flutistry Boston.

Worry-Free Warranty

All instruments have a break-in period. Therefore, we provide a complimentary one-year Worry-Free Warranty on each new or certified preowned instrument which covers the software (pads & adjustments) that may require attention during your first year of ownership. This warranty does not cover cosmetic issues, plating, damage or the wood on preowned instruments. For buyers outside the greater Boston area, we provide one free round-trip shipping in the first year.

COA "Price-Lock" Guarantee

Because maintenance is an important part of sustaining the performance quality of an instrument, we offer an exclusive "price-lock guarantee" to all of our clients.  For each new or certified preowned instrument purchased at Flutistry Boston, we lock-in the current price of an annual Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) at time of purchase for the first standard Full COA service if provided by Flutistry within two years of purchase.

"15% OFF sheet music for life"

At Flutistry Boston our mission is to provide everything you need to improve your art and sound your best. The only thing we can't do is practice for you! We know that building your library and experiencing new repertoire is one of the most important ways to inspire yourself and your audiences. We also know that buying new music can be expensive. Our newest benefit accompanying ALL instrument purchases made at Flutistry Boston is our "15% off sheet music for life"! A custom code is generated for each instrument buyer and it is usable on our website or in person - and the best part is, it NEVER expires!

Price Match Guarantee

While Flutistry Boston prides itself on having the lowest possible prices on new instruments, we are pleased to match lower advertised prices in the unlikely event they are found elsewhere.


  • As requested, Flutistry Boston will price match any advertised prices of any national competitor (including their online prices).
  • We will honor price quotes made by Flutistry Boston in store and online.
  • Our Price Match Guarantee is pre-tax and covers one price match per identical item per customer.
  • Matched prices must be for an instrument with identical specifications, and currently available for purchase.


    Please contact Flutistry Boston by phone or email to make a request for a price match prior to the purchase of an instrument. Proof of price may be provided through a current ad or website address to the designated online competitor. We reserve the right to verify the lower price and availability of the item.


    • Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers (Marketplace sellers) on websites.
    • Competitors' service prices, accessories, sheet music or recordings.
    • Any offers from competitors outside the United States.
    • Additional offers such as store credit, free gifts, etc.
    • Any of the following:
      • financing, bundle, mail-in, or coupon offers or pricing errors.
      • free, out of stock, clearance, preowned, or rent/lease to own items


    Every new instrument sold at Flutistry is certified via our exclusive 10-point inspection, repair, and play testing process before reaching your hands. This rigorous certification process makes our selection of flutes, piccolos, headjoints, altos, and basses among the most dependable in the industry. To ensure they are playing at their very highest potential we are pleased to provide the same complimentary 1-year warranty for our certified preowned instruments as we do with our brand new ones.

    PADS inspect pad surfaces and seals, shim, and replace as needed
    HEADJOINT CORK inspect placement and seal, replace as needed
    SPRINGS inspect stability and tension throughout, adjust as needed
    TONEHOLES inspect solder joints and surfaces throughout
    KEY HEIGHTS inspect key height and adjust for proper venting as needed
    MECHANISM inspect lateral play and binding, remediate as needed
    STEELS inspect for pitting and wear, remediate as needed
    TENONS inspect proper headjoint and footjoint fit, adjust as needed
    ADJUSTMENTS inspect all glues, corks, felts, and foams, replace as needed
    CASE FIT inspect case for a secure and proper fit, adjust as needed