Created in 2011 by founder Adam Workman, Flutistry Boston was designed to offer comprehensive sales,  repair, and artistic services that support the flute as a beautiful voice in music. Whether in Boston, through our extensive website, or our busy travel schedule, we employ our role as one of the world’s leading flute sales and service providers to help the global flute community maximize its potential.

Our team is comprised of industry experts, who are also accomplished flutists, helping you maximize the potential of every instrument you are considering for purchase or repair. Via our work with students of all levels, teachers, professors, performers, master artists, flutemakers, and other industry professionals, we integrate an intimate knowledge of the flute community with an advocacy for your artistry, to make your artistic goals our top priority.

Our one-of-kind 1,600 square-foot space, complete with a 60-seat Concert Room in the Cultural District of downtown Boston, is just steps away from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Hall, New England Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and The Boston Conservatory. By also offering specialized master classes, lessons, coachings, educational presentations, and other distinguished resources, Flutistry is redefining Boston as the iconic ‘Flute City’, a destination for flutists worldwide.