Be it a flute, piccolo, alto, or bass at the professional, intermediate, student, or beginner level, the expert repair services at Flutistry Boston will breathe new life into your instrument! Our experts include Flutistry Boston President and Founder Adam Workman, Repair Associate Kyle Martin and Repair Partner Adam Pettry.

Adam Workman is a Straubinger & Muramatsu Certified Technician and has been trained in repair by Jonathan Landell, Steven P. Finley, Muramatsu (Japan), and David & Joel Straubinger, among others. Adam has been recognized for his skills by the Vermont Guild of Flute Making.

Our Exclusive Guarantees:


Luckily, every flutist we work with has a unique instrument, playing style, and maintenance routine. Therefore, we provide each of our repair clients with a 90-day guarantee for any Full COA services, and a 180-day guarantee for any Repad or Overhaul service. If for any reason you require a slight adjustment within that period, just contact us and we will schedule your visit for a quick tweak. We always want your instrument to be singing & ringing!

Did you purchase your instrument at Flutistry Boston? We offer a <strong> exclusive price lock guarantee on standard Full COA services for the life of your owner-instrument relationship, which means as our service prices increase, your annual COA price will remain the same!

Standard Services & Fees

*prices are effective January 1, 2018 and subject to change without notice

Please contact us prior to shipping your instrument for repairs in order for us to expedite the service and return your instrument as soon as possible. Please remember to include all contact information and your best description of the repair requested or the problem or issue you are experiencing. For voicing purposes, it is important to include the headjoint you play regularly with the body of all flutes and piccolos.

When sending us an instrument for our professional repair services, it is only necessary to send the instrument in its hard case and case cover (if available). Shipping charges to and from Flutistry Boston are the responsibility of the customer. We suggest reviewing our shipping instructions before sending your instrument.

Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) - Partial

On an as-needed basis, the standard Partial COA procedures are limited to specific areas of need only, and may include:

  • Assessment: Play tested to determine what essential work is required
  • Oil removal and replacement
  • Spring tension and key heights noted and maintained
  • Minor pad shimming/replacement as needed
  • Keys synchronized and adjusted
  • Play tested and adjusted to ensure original sound qualities are maintained


Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) - Full

Recommended as an annual service, the standard Full COA procedures performed on the entire instrument are as follows:

  • Body & mechanism cleaned
  • General tarnish removal on body & mechanism
  • Oil removal and replacement throughout
  • Spring tension noted and maintained
  • Careful note of key heights for proper venting
  • Pad replacement/shimming as needed (see chart)
  • Keys synchronized and adjusted
  • Headjoint cork replaced
  • Thoroughly play tested and adjusted to ensure original sound qualities are maintained and adjustments settled
Instrument Type/Level Partial COA Fee* Full COA Fee* Pad Replacement
Flute - Beginner from $125 from $195 + $30 per pad
Flute - Step-Up/Intermediate from $185 from $295 + $30 per pad
Flute - Entry Professional from $225 from $365 + $30-$50 per pad
Flute - Professional from $255 from $395 + $50 per pad
Flute - Handmade Professional from $295 from $445 + $50 per pad
Piccolo - Student/Intermediate from $195 from $295 + $30 per pad
Piccolo - Entry Professional from $225 from $365 + $50 per pad
Piccolo - Handmade Professional from $255 from $395 + $50 per pad
Alto/Bass from $275 from $415 + $50 per pad
Turnaround Time* 1-3 business days 4-7 business days *estimate only


Generally recommended when a considerable number of pads need to be replaced, but the mechanism of the instrument is in superior condition, or on average every 5-10 years, the standard Repad procedures include the Full COA services, and:

  • Replacement of ALL pads (corks, foams, adjustments replaced if needed)
  • Key fit adjustments
  • Detailed body & mechanism cleaning
  • Thorough play test and adjustments throughout to ensure original sound qualities are maintained
Repad Type/Level
Repad Fee
Flute - Beginner (Felt)
from $795
Flute - Intermediate/Entry Professional (Felt)
from $895
Flute - Entry Professional (Straubinger)
from $995
Flute - Professional/Handmade (Felt)
from $1,095
Flute - Professional/Handmade (Straubinger) from $1,195 (add $100 for conversion from felt pads - overhaul only)
Piccolo - All Levels
see Overhaul
Alto/Bass from $1,295
Turnaround Time 2-3 weeks (estimate only)



Depending on the condition/use, level, and brand of the instrument, ranging on average every 5-10 years, the standard Overhaul procedures are as follows:

  • Replacement of ALL pads, corks, foams, adjustments (trills and D# replaced if needed)
  • Key fit and solder joints are evaluated and corrected (if needed)
  • Detailed flute cleaning and hand polishing (dent removal by request for additional fee)
  • Thorough play test and adjustments throughout to ensure original sound qualities are maintained


Overhaul Type/Level Overhaul Fee
Piccolo - Felt from $1,095
Piccolo - Straubinger from $1,195
Flute - Felt from $1,395
Flute - Straubinger from $1,595 (add $100 for conversion from felt pads)
Alto/Bass from $1,695
Turnaround Time 3-4 weeks (estimate only)


Other Services


Service Rate
Emergency Repairs < 24 hr notice Standard Fee + $60
Headjoint Cork Replacement $40
Pad Replacement See COA descriptions above
Felt to Straubinger Pad Conversion $100 + repad/overhaul fee
Case Repairs/Modifications from $30
G-disc/High E Facilitator Installation $70
Insurance Value Appraisal $25 per instrument
Shop Rate $100/hr
Adjustment Modification/Replacement $25

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