Erika Boysen
Doctor of Musical Arts Candidate
University of Michigan
"Investing in a new flute can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. With the help of Adam Workman of Flutistry, I was able to find the instrument of my dreams. Because he is both a highly trained flutist and a flute technician, Adam possesses a highly trained ear that quickly pin points qualities in each flute that would otherwise be difficult for the buyer to hear at first pass (such as how each combination sounds in the back of a hall). Before the flute shopping began he got to know ME as a flutist—how I played, my musical personality, the sound I strive to achieve, my budget and my career goals.  He then coordinated and facilitated my exploration of different brands, models, materials, and headjoint styles—which allowed me to put all my energy toward how I felt with the flute in my hands.  His natural intuition, knowledge of the instruments, experience in the industry and investment in my artistic goals gave me a great respect for his opinion.  Flutistry offers an unparalleled expert flute shopping experience."

Leone Buyse
Joseph & Ida Kirkland Mullen Professor of Flute
Chair, Woodwind Department
Rice University, Shepherd School of Music
Flutistry Boston benefits the international flute community by offering every service a serious flutist could hope for--in a great city that has long been known for its remarkable flute makers. Adam Workman's multi-faceted talent as  performer, teacher, entrepreneur, and flute industry professional has enabled him to create an enterprise which I recommend highly to any flutist seeking a new instrument. Without exception, my students who have engaged Adam in their quest for a new voice have found the perfect instrument to support their artistic vision. His collegiality, breadth of knowledge, and total dedication to every aspect of flute playing are a gift to us all.

Elizabeth Detweiler Jackson
Former Principal Flute
United States Coast Guard Band
"Adam is such a pleasure to work with.  He made the experience of finding my new headjoint easier than I could have ever imagined.  I am positive that due to Adam's knowledge and expertise that I truly have the best possible headjoint for me.  I look forward to working with Flutistry in the future—it is truly a joy!"

Professor of Flute
Sarah and Ernest Butler Professorship in Music
The University of Texas at Austin
"I have known Adam Workman for nearly 20 years and trust his ears implicitly. His passion for the flute and its expressive capabilities has developed into a finely tuned ability to 'match-make' an artist with an instrument that can unlock the artist's creative potential."

Timothy Hagen
Haynes Emerging Artist
Principal Flute
Missouri Symphony
"I have had my instruments maintained by some of the best repair professionals in the business, and I state with confidence that Adam Workman is the crème de la crème. His excellence lies not only in his craftsmanship, finesse, and extremely high standards but also in his uncanny ear.  He is a flutist's flutist, devoted to our tradition of wonderful players and thus intimately acquainted with the flute's full spectrum of nuance. Knowing all of the possibilities inside the sound-how to listen for them and how to produce them-is the X-factor that puts him at the top of the profession."

Andrea LeBlanc
Modern, classical, & baroque flutist
"When I brought my flute to Adam we had never met before, but I had heard that he was an outstanding repairman and I was even hoping that I might get a little inspiration along with some adjustments and new pads. I ended up getting so much more!

I perform mainly on historical flutes in the Boston area, and I tend to refer to my many old flutes by the name of their original maker, "Beukers", "Grenser", etc. I am fascinated by historical flutes because they are each such unique tools for playing different repertoire, and feeling the flute's vibrations through the wood and the open finger holes helps the flute feel more like a part of you and gives you information about how the flute wants to be played. After Adam transformed my flute, I don't want to call it my "modern flute" ever again - I think I will start calling it by the name of the maker. He gave me a new respect and love for the instrument that I have been playing for over 10 years. It feels like a very special and unique tool, not quite like any other flute, and at the same time like a natural and effortless extension of my musical personality. I hope every flutist can have this experience."

Kate Lemmon
Professional flutist & photographer
"I was beyond thrilled to work with Adam Workman at Flutistry to find my new flute. He brings a multi-faceted level of expertise to flute shopping—as a talented flutist and experienced listener, he understands just what comprises the perfect flute sound, and his background working for a major flute company and his repair skills allow him to realize which materials and flute specs will create the perfect sound.

The amount of expertise he brought to the search, combined with his patience and support, made the entire process not just easy, but FUN! I trusted Adam’s opinion of the instruments just as much—if not more—than my own. Not only could he pick one flute from many seemingly identical instruments, but he could tell me exactly why one was likely better for me than the other, down to the nitty-gritty details.  Not once did I ever feel pressured by him to complete the sale; he was patient and put in countless hours, and even helped me negotiate the best price possible once I settled on my favorite flute (a beautiful pre-owned instrument).

Beyond the immediate experience of purchasing a flute, I learned a great deal from my experience with Adam that I will carry with me throughout my flute career. Our conversations covered everything from flute construction (I never knew the difference between soldered and drawn tone holes before now), to analyzing why my favorite flutists’ sounds appealed to me, to maximizing my sound potential as I adjust to my new instrument. Flutistry is truly a boutique experience—you will never be just another customer; rather, you’ll leave Boston having made a friend who is truly invested in your current and future success.

I came out of my weekend with Adam having found the flute of my dreams and is exactly what I hoped to find and MORE! I’m so grateful to him for helping me find my voice, and I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking to make the next step in their musical path."

Jessica Lizak
Teacher and soloist
Boston, MA
"Words cannot do justice in expressing how much I appreciate and honor what Adam and Flutistry Boston are doing for the flute community. His talent, creativity, futuristic views, and passion combine to fill a noticeable void in Boston and beyond. Flutistry Boston is truly a one stop flute shop, of the absolute highest standards. They have provided my students with endless personal attention from repairing their flutes to brilliancy, to helping them purchase world class instruments. Adam's attentive ear and patience have brought them all comfort and belief in what they really need to grow their flute voices to new realms.

On a personal level, I have known Adam for too many years to mention now. He is the most genuine person I know. Before Flutistry Boston ever began, his ears helped me find the perfect headjoint for my flute, a combination I still love to this day. Because of his advice, I have never wanted to leave my current set up. He has also provided me beautiful rental options when I needed auxiliary flutes for performances in town. In stressful performances, his instruments gave me comfort and confidence.

Adam and Flutistry Boston are simply the most invaluable aspect of the Boston flute scene. We love you!"

Seth Allyn Morris
Principal Flute
Houston Grand Opera & Ballet
"When I started looking for a new flute, my top priority was sound and what I could do with it. With that in mind, it was clear to me that I could put my trust in Adam for helping me find the perfect instrument. Being so familiar with my playing, Adam was able to select flutes for me to try that he knew would be the best match for my style of playing while still allowing me to grow as an artist. Throughout the process, Adam was patient with me knowing that selecting a new flute is a very personal, time-consuming endeavor. He demonstrated the utmost professionalism and honesty when listening to me test a number of instruments. With genuine enthusiasm and love for his craft, Adam provided such helpful feedback, both positive and critical, as to which flutes truly allowed me to sing! While honing in on precisely the best flute, Adam made me feel so at ease with the process and really made it an enjoyable experience.

The flute that I ultimately selected has quite literally changed my life and I owe so much to Adam! The colors I am able to produce on such a beautiful instrument are a testament to Adam’s incomparable artistic intelligence and musicality. The artistry Adam exhibits through his musically sensitive ear and eloquent honesty is, in my opinion, the sheer essence of Flutistry."

Jessica Petrasek
Principal Flute
Wichita Symphony Orchestra
"I am so glad I found my beautiful new flute with Flutistry!  Adam was personable, professional, courteous, and attentive, guiding me carefully through every step of my search.  He laid out a detailed four-day plan for my trip to Boston, including visits to the major flute companies.  In addition to acting as a liaison at the companies and obtaining flutes for me to try, Adam listened to me play the flutes and with a highly trained ear, helped me narrow down my choices.  Adam had previously listened to some of my recordings, and knew the type of sound I was looking for and what makes, materials, and cuts would likely enhance the positive attributes of my playing.  This made the process of elimination quick and easy.  Adam took care of many conveniences during my stay, from airport rides to meals, allowing me to focus entirely on the task at hand.  I ultimately left Boston with the flute of my dreams, which I could not have found without Flutistry's help.  I have already recommended Adam to friends who need a new professional-level instrument, and I would urge anyone beginning their search to seek out these essential services." 

Paula Robison
Donna Hieken Flute Chair
New England Conservatory of Music
"Adam Workman is a Boston Renaissance Man: a fine flutist, flute technician, flute choice expert, videographer, graphics designer, concepts organizer, all-around counselor, and just plain wonderful person. I've worked with him in all these capacities, and it is always a joy."

Geni Skendo
Flute & Shakuhachi Recording Artist
"Adam and Flutistry are awesome! Very detail oriented with 100% focus on customer needs. He did an amazing job with my bass flute and C flute. He is a great resource for buying and selling flutes and headjoints as well - very honest and transparent. Flutistry is the #1 Flute Stop!"

Benjamin Smolen
Principal Flute
Pacific Symphony Orchestra
"I've had the incredible privilege of experiencing Adam Workman's flute wizardry (now known as Flutistry) firsthand for the past five years. Every time I work with Adam he soars beyond my wildest expectations, and along the way he has become one of my best advisors and friends. Adam's many skills include impeccable taste, vast musical knowledge, and a keen awareness of the flute industry that make him a priceless asset for any musician. In every project I have worked with Adam on-be it web design, consultation for new instruments, flute repair, or just an extra set of ears-he has astounded me with his quality work and attention to every detail. On top of that, you will never find a more honest, loyal advocate for your own success. For me, Flutistry truly is the gold standard of the flute industry."

Nancy Stagnitta
Instructor of Flute & Chamber Music
Interlochen Arts Academy
"After hearing many wonderful things about Adam Workman and his team at Flutistry Boston with increasing regularity, I was thrilled to put my Trevor James alto flute in their hands for some much-needed care and attention. The flute made its return to the peaceful woods of northern Michigan even faster than promised, playing exquisitely and feeling and sounding better than ever. I look forward to exploring the many exciting things happening at Flutistry Boston, a uniquely valuable resource for the flute community."

Kelly Watson-Woelffer
Soloist and freelance flutist
Berlin, Germany
"I feel it is 100% accurate to say that Flutistry changed my life and the potential of my performance career. Because of Adam and the services he offers, the dedication he has to his clients and his unparalleled, uncanny ear, I am playing the flute of my dreams and would have never found it otherwise. Adam takes a billion factors into consideration when helping you find your perfect instrument: the exact way you play, your sound concept, your musicianship and style, your budget, your goals, what's lacking in your current flute, just to name a few. Then he searches out all possible options and gives you a palate choice that will blow your mind.

What's MORE, is that he then sits with you as you try each possible combination and explains why something is better or worse match for you - down to the tiniest detail. He spends countless dedicated hours listening to you go through this process without distractions.  What more could a flutist want when making such a gigantic decision? He knows what you're looking for and provides an extra set of outside ears that are beyond educated and intuitive- they are simply amazing.

What's MORE is that he is able to pinpoint exactly what's missing and what could be better, and is so gifted with verbal imagery and description that he is able to help the flutist uncover their best playing, their best sound on the very best instrument for them. This is a service I didn't know I needed and immediately realized it was the best decision I could've made and could have NEVER done it without Adam. ANY flutist searching for a professional flute should try their hardest to have Adam be their guide in the process.

Thank you, Adam and thank you, Flutistry: for finding my voice & changing my life! I will forever be grateful!"

Thomas James Wible
Soloist and freelance flutist
Boston, MA
Winner, 33rd Annual Pappoutsakis Competition
"I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my flute after paying a visit to Adam Workman at Flutistry. I can now feel the flute singing in my hands as I play it! In addition to being an expert repair person, Adam was able to find me a fantastic new piccolo. I highly recommend Adam and Flutistry to any flutist!"