Flutistry Boston is excited to introduce the Flutistry Cooperative (aka the Co-op)! The Co-op is a free membership teacher referral program that supports teachers, students and the greater flute community. With incentives and benefits to enhance the flute buying process, Flutistry Boston is expanding our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service and support to our clients and the teachers that are such an integral part of the community.



  • Generous referral credit values with multi-purchase bonus credits
  • Co-op members may choose one of four available credit redemption methods per each qualifying purchase:
    • Referral Credit Co-op Member Payment
    • Flutistry Boston Student Gift Card
    • Studio Fund
    • Co-op Member Appeal
  • COA price-lock for your own instrument for five years
  • 15% off sheet music
  • Free round-trip shipping for trials
  • Automatic 10 day extended trial
  • Free Flutistry Guides and SMART Search & SAFE Trial materials (including score cards!)
  • Expert guidance available six days a week for you and your students
  • A customized teacher page on www.flutistry.com with your recommended sheet music, accessories and instruments made available exclusively to you and your students
  • Eligibility for additional benefits and promotions on Flutistry products and services
  • The full Flutistry Edge benefits package
  • COA price-lock guarantee for five years
  • 15% off sheet music for life
  • Flutistry's Worry-Free Warranty extended to 18 months
  • One free round trip shipping for warranty adjustments
  • Extended 10 day trial
  • Short and long term financing options for instrument purchase
  • Highest quality instruments available in every price point
  • Access to Flutistry Boston’s expert guidance and support through the buying process and for the lifetime of their playing career
  • Opportunities to participate in Flutistry's ongoing artistic events and programs

Current Co-op members may access forms, referral credit values and updated terms & conditions here.

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