They Call Me Mignon CD (Annie Wu)

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  • Annie Wu, flute
  • Feng Niu, piano

 In 1795, German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe created the character Mignon, a young girl whose suffering was so great that she sang tragic songs in moments of expressive excess. But these songs are trapped in the novel - a narrator misinterprets, misrepresents, and reduces her performances, and we never get to hear Mignon. This album presents ten different musical settings of two poetic texts as well as a Fantasy on themes from Mignon's eventual opera, to let Mignon sing her own story. With each composition, Mignon expands from inside out: she gains more and more agency to express her inner self. In the novel, her first words - "They call me Mignon" - focus on the power of external forces. Now, with music, we finally hear her voice. 



Settings of Mignon's First Song: "Kennst du das Land"

1. Poem Recitation by Sima Reinisch

2. Beethoven

3. Schubert

4. Schumann

5. Wolf

6. Berg

Settings of Mignon's Second Song: "Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt"

7. Poem

8. Beethoven

9. Schubert

10. Schumann

11. Tchaikovsky

12. Tarver

A Grand Finale:

13. Taffanel, Grand Fantasie sur "Mignon"