Pettry Prestige Piccolo

$ 6,495.00

Every Pettry Prestige Piccolo features an all sterling silver, fully pinless mechanism with a vented left hand C key, On/Off Split E Mechanism, and a Brossa F# key. Additionally, every Prestige Piccolo comes with a solid hardwood case, and a custom leather FluterScooter Piccolo Case Cover made exclusively for Pettry Piccolos.

  • grenadilla body and headjoint
  • sterling silver pinless mechanism
  • vented left hand C key
  • on/off split E mechanism
  • Straubinger pads
  • A=442
  • Cocobolo, Kingwood, or Rosewood body and headjoint available by special order
  • Edison: The most popular amongst piccolo specialists. Oval in shape, this cut features unique undercutting that reduces turbulence to create a lush sound with a liquid core that blossoms as it leaves the stage. The Edison is a universally adaptable cut that offers the player endless colors in any playing environment. 
  • Turing Cut: Far too often, piccoloists are required to perform in altissimo registers at unrealistically soft dynamics. Designed to handle the demands of operatic works like Turandot, the Turing does not lack in presence, nor compromise tone in the middle or lower registers. This embouchure cut features the same oval shape and undercutting of the Edison, but features a steep relief on the blowing edge, allowing the player to enjoy optimal response without sacrificing color. It truly 'cracks the code' of piccolo performance.
  • Curie: The first of the more modern squared designs. Featuring different internal acoustics than the Edison or Turing, this cut is engineered for a large, bold sound with textural complexity derived from minimal overcutting and undercutting. This is a design with moderate resistance and tonal flexibility that allows the performer to paint an aural canvas featuring an endless spectrum of color.
  • Tesla: The boldest design. Sharing the same internal acoustics, shape and undercutting of our Curie design, the Tesla features a steep relief on the blowing edge, thereby creating a powerhouse of sound. Agile and flexible, this cut is free-blowing, clear, and can cut through any ensemble without losing the signature color of sound that is the trademark of every Pettry headjoint.

*Wave versions of every cut are available by special order.*