Amadeus AP86 Piccolo

$ 2,890.00


The anticipated re-introduction of a Haynes staple, the Amadeus AP86 piccolo prototype made its debut at the 2018 NAMM Convention. This addition to the Amadeus line of Haynes flutes and Alto flutes boasts both quality and an affordable price. The Amadeus piccolo is a joint project between Wm. S. Haynes Co. and its sister company Backun Musical Services, a renowned clarinet manufacturer under the Eastman Music Company umbrella. At Haynes, development of the Amadeus piccolo is an extension of the expert flutemaking by the craftsmen and women at Haynes.

“The newly created Amadeus grenadilla wood piccolo is a responsive instrument with numerous professional properties. Playing with ease and an extremely comfortable embouchure, it has accurate intonation, balanced registers, liquid altissimo and, most importantly, captures the unique tonal qualities that are truly Haynes.”

                                      – Alan Weiss, Artist in Residence - Wm. S. Haynes Co.


  • grenadilla body & headjoint*
  • silver-plated mechanism
  • Split E
  • A=442

*Currently available with traditional straight headjoint. Wave style headjoint availability pending.