Ombredane, O. - Flûtes des Caraïbes (v.1)

$ 26.95

TITLE: Flûtes des Caraïbes (v. 1)
COMPOSER: Olivier Ombredane
PUBLISHER: Éditions Billaudot
INSTRUMENTATION: 1-2 Flutes, Audio Access

Flûtes des Caraïbes (Caribbean Flutes) (v.1)  for 1-2 Flutes by Olivier Ombredane

Includes online audio access to piano, bass and percussion or piano accompaniment tracks.


Tout va Bien

Chacha gozar

Marche aux fleurs

Coleur porro

Carnaval zouk

Sweet bolero

Aromes cannelle

Alors <on danse>!

Ti punch coco


Flûtes des Caraïbes (Caribbean Flutes) (v.1) features ten original compositions and highlights just as many music styles, including Zouk, Mazurka, Guajira, Guaguanco, Porro… from the Caribbean world, a fabulous melting pot of cultures. Dancing at the crossroads of Afro-Cuban, Afro-European and American influences, this swaying music has retained the syncopated rhythms of its origins.  These pieces are suitable for flutists with a good mastery of the instrument (intermediate level).  The pieces may be played as a solo or a duet, together with the provided Caribbean orchestra (piano, bass and percussion) or piano playbacks. Additional audio files offer a specific rhythmic focus that leads to and promotes improvising.  Altogether, the sensory approach makes for a smooth introduction to this repertoire.

Also includes information about the various music styles and genres of each piece.