Nielsen, C. - Three Dances from Aladdin

$ 70.00

TITLE: Three Dances from Aladdin
COMPOSER: Carl Nielsen
PUBLISHER: Edition Svitzer
ED/ARR: Juliette Dominski

I discovered Aladdin stage music a few years ago, when playing opus 34 suite for orchestra. From the first notes, I was utterly moved by the beauty of the piece. What an incredible journey Carl Nielsen is offering with his music! 

All flutists know Carl Nielsen's concerto for flute, but his symphonic music has surprisingly remained quite unknown in France. Ever since my first encounter with this piece, Aladdin has followed me, haunted me, lived through me....and luckily, the opportunity to arrange this piece for flutes finally showed up. Whether performed by an orchestra, concertband, flute choir or by two flutes and a piano, I keep admiring this masterpiece. 

I hope that everyone, flutists and audience, will feel the energy and emotions I personally felt when listening to Aladdin. 


-Juliette Dominiski