Marulanda, C. - Guinevere's Journey

$ 19.00

TITLE: Guinevere's Journey
COMPOSER: Carmen Liliana Marulanda
ED/ARR: n/a
INSTRUMENTATION: Traverso, Harpsichord

In this piece I chose to create a narrative using traditional forms of Colombian music, expanding the language which is typically set in closed forms, like songs, to develop a broader formal grammar, like a long view which can evolve freely, flowing from one genre to another.

There is a great connection between the traditional genres of Colombian music and the Baroque period in Europe and the Americas. The rhythmic aspects of baroque music are quite similar in the traditional forms of the Colombian Andes, and the plucked strings of the traditional ensembles (bandola, tiple and guitar), picked or strummed, remind us of the harpsichords and the lutes. The instrumental setting is ideal, therefore, to create that magical transposition across time, to imagine a musical tale using the connections between my own language rooted in Colombian music and something as mythical as the traverso and harpsichord duo.

Many thanks to the Amaranti Ensemble for inviting me to be part of the Guienevere’s Tale _The Once and Future Queen_ project.

This piece is suitable for C flute and Piano performance.

Carmen Marulanda