Liszt, F. - Angelus! Prière aux Anges Gardiens - Low flutes

$ 28.99

TITLE: Angelus! Prière aux Anges Gardiens (Prayers to the Guardian Angels) - Low flutes
COMPOSER: Franz Liszt
ARRANGER: Paige Dashner Long
PUBLISHER: Falls House Press


3 Alto Flutes, Bass Flute & optional Contrabass Flute

While Franz Liszt is best known for virtuoso piano music and turbulent tone poems, his later compositions are full of serene beauty, most notably the three volumes titled "Years of Pilgrimage." Celebrated flute choir arranger and conductor Paige Dashner Long has selected the delicate Angelus from the collection, offering a beautiful transcription for full flute choir which may also be performed as a flute quartet.