Klengel, J. - Hymnus, Op. 57

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TITLE: Hymnus, Op. 57
COMPOSER: Julius Klengel
PUBLISHER: Falls House Press
Paige Dashner Long

German cellist and composer Julius Klengel’s Hymnus, Opus 57 is a lush, chordal spiritual, composed in memory of Austro-Hungarian conductor Artur Nikisch. Flute ensembles will enjoy performing this very beautiful, lyrical music.

Dedicated to and premiered by the Florida Flute Orchestra during the 2012 Florida Flute Convention, Hymnus is a great addition to flute choir repertoire. Originally scored for 12 cellos, this setting of Hymnus has very flexible instrumentation possibilities. This work may be performed by an ensemble comprised of typical flute choir instrumentation, or an ensemble of all concert flutes, or all low flutes including an ensemble comprised of only alto flutes, only bass flutes or any combination of instrumentation. Included for each part is a setting in concert A for instruments in C, and on the reverse side of the page for each part, you will find a setting in concert D for instruments in G.