[DVD] Anatomy Of Sound (Amy Porter)

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A Workshop with Amy Porter with Laura Dwyer, featuring Freda Herseth, mezzo-soprano. 2 Disc Study Guide. 

My adult workshop at the University of Michigan is called The Anatomy of Sound - an annual workshop for flutists in collaboration with Jerald Schwiebert, Assistant Professor of Theater, and Laura Dwyer, Certified Yoga Instructor and professional flutist. Through this class we have helped many musicians discover their distinctive voice on the flute. The workshop attracts amateurs, students, and professional musicians, from different levels of life and music. 

After leaving the workshop they seem to find a deeper meaning in their art because they've let go, hearing their own voice in new ways. Students find that they are producing tone by using the body's wisdom, further helping them discover their own way in music and in life. I can see now that this pathway is touching hearts. Some students come away using the "Anatomy" and "Sound" lessons in their daily lives, which are transformed, healed, and productive, happy and healthy at the same time! 

A comprehensive 2 disc study guide for all musicians to use as a teaching tool for instrumental sound production. International soloist and recording artist Amy Porter combines her research with performance and pedagogy and brings her workshop into your practice room, helping you find your most beautiful sound.