L'Aube enchantee sur le Raga <> pour flute et harpe

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TITLE: L'Aube enchantee sur le Raga <<Todi>> pour flute et harpe
COMPOSER: Ravi Shankar
PUBLISHER: Henry Lemoine
ED/ARR: Ravi Shankar
DESCRIPTION: Notes from the editor: 'We have chosen to present two versions of this score. The present version for flute and harp remains faithful to Ravi Shankar's manuscript. The Valade and Aussel arrangement is a version for flute and guitar. The second version has been enhanced by various indications based upon choices made by Roberto Aussel and Pierre-Andre Valade interpreting this work. Musicians who so desire may develop their own interpretations while drawing inspiration from the notations contained in the arrangement for flute and guitar. In both of these editions, the accidentals are scrupulously noted for each measure, in order to avoid cluttering the texture unnecessarily, as the modal structure of the text does not create any ambiguity on this point.'