Cohen, J. - Prayer for a Damaged World

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TITLE: Prayer for a Damaged World
COMPOSER: Jonathan Cohen 

Prayer for a Damaged World for Bass Flute and Piano by Jonathan Cohen

Duration: 2:30

Scored for bass and contrabass flute (or any flute pitched in C) and piano.

Prayer for a Damaged World is, above all a very beautiful and innocent melody for bass flute, supported by a gentle piano accompaniment – neither of which is technically demanding.  This is an intimate soliloquy of shared pain, acknowledgment, and hope. The piece begins in a quiet minor, slowly building in intensity and register, reaching a point of peace, then resolving in major key and a feeling of hope.

The composer was inspired to write this piece by the circumstances around the pandemic and the many other worrisome aspects of the world’s state.

Watch and listen to the composer playing Prayer for a Damaged World