Clinton on Clinton CD (Andra Bohnet)

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Andra Bohet, flute

Adrian Duncan, guitar, mandolin, vocals

Robert Holm, piano

Wilbur Moreland, clarinet

Beth Orson, piano

David Hughes, bodhran

Music of John Clinton performed on flutes of his design manufactured by Clinton & Co. 


1. Le Bijou du Salon, Op. 53
2. The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow/The Legacy/Noresnkeesta/The Skittish Maid
3. Cavatinas or Songs Without Words: No. 6 in D, Op. 97, No. 3
4. Dolly, the Dancing Dairy Maid
5. Grand Duo Concertante, Op. 43
6. La Polka du Salon, Op. 85
7. Lough Sheeling/Saint Patrick was a Gentleman/Peas Upon a Trencher/Sports in the Hay Rick/Burn the May Bush
8. Napolitaine Fantasia
9. The Cry of Gallen/I'm the Boy for Bewitching Them/Charming Judy Brallahan/The Lasses of Sligo
10. Second Grand Trio, Op. 9
11. Paddy Jonah or The Whale that Swallowed an Irishman
12. Eulalie Fantasia, Op. 118
13. Girls Have You Seen George/The Hare in the Corner/The Fingalians Dance/Captain Paddy