American Webster CD (The Webster Trio)

$ 19.95


  • Leone Busse, flute
  • Michael Webster, clarinet
  • Robert Moeling, piano


Libby Larsen
Barn Dances
1. I. Forward Six and Fall Back Eight
2. II. Divide the Ring
3. III. Varsouvianna (a simple dream waltz)
4. IV. Rattlesnake Twist

Robert Sirota
5. Birds of Paradise

Anthony Brandt
6. Round Top Trio

Richard Toensing
Children of Light
7. I. Dawn Processional
8. II. Song of the Morning Stars
9. III. The Robe of Light
10. IV. Phos Hilarion (Vesper Hymn)

Paul Schoenfeld 
12. I. Charleston
13. II. Rag
14. III. Jig

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