American Vistas (Mimmi Fulmer, Leone Buyse)

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Leone Buyse, flute & alto flute

Mimmi Fulmer, soprano


Three Irish Folksong Settings for voice and flute - John Corigliano
1. The Salley Gardens
2. The Foggy Dew
3. She Moved Through the Fair

Two Songs on Poems of Anne Fessenden - Martin Amlin
4. Lookout
5. The Song Wheel

6. Cantilena One for solo soprano - Kenneth Gaburo

Three Songs on Poems by Marianne Moore for mezzo-soprano and flute - Braxton Blake
7. No Swan So Fine
8. What Are Years?
9. To a Prize Bird

10. I Heard in the Night for voice and flute - Henry Cowell

11. Lullaby for soprano and flute - Ralph Shapey

12. Patterns for soprano, flute, and piano - Scott Gendel

13. Lumina II for solo flute - Kurt Stallmann

In the Meantime for voice and piano - Maura Bosch
14. In the Meantime
15. Inside
16. Your Joy

17. As it Fell Upon a Day for soprano with flute and clarinet - Aaron Copland