Co-op Redemption Methods



1) Referral Credit Co-op Member Payment
  • A check will be issued to the Co-op member for the related Referral Credit Value (see table).
  • A form 1099 will be issued per IRS guidelines for all checks paid by Flutistry Boston.
  • A check may only be issued to the Co-op member per the information provided on the member’s completed W-9 form.
2) Flutistry Boston Student Gift Card
  • A Flutistry Boston Gift Card will be issued to the purchaser of the applicable instrument for the related Credit Value (see table).
  • Flutistry Gift Cards issued through the Co-op may be used towards the purchase of sheet music and/or accessories at or in person.
3) Studio Fund
  • Credit value will be banked for future use by Co-op members and/or their students!
  • Credits banked under this program may be used toward instrument purchases, rentals, repairs, sheet music & accessories.
  • Credits may not be used for the purchase of ineligible instruments as listed in the terms and conditions.
  • Distribution of banked credits is at the discretion of the Co-op member and may only be used with their explicit authorization.
  • For tax reasons, banked referral credits applied to student instrument purchases is limited to 20-50% of the purchase price of the instrument. The redeemable amount is dependent on the instrument and will be determined on a case by case basis by Flutistry Boston.
  • There is no limit on the amount of banked referral credit that can be applied towards a Co-op member’s personal instrument purchase, but a 1099 will be issued to the Co-op member per IRS guidelines.
  • Banked referral credits may be used toward sheet music and accessories purchases by requesting a gift card code through Flutistry Boston. All codes will be issued within one business day of the request.
  • Co-op members may request their current banked balance at any time by contacting Flutistry Boston.
4) Co-op Member Appeal
  • In exceptional cases of a student in need, Co-op members may appeal to Flutistry Boston for the credit to be applied to that student’s applicable purchase.
  • An appeal should come in the form of a letter or email with sufficient background detail in support of the appeal.
  • All decisions are final and at the discretion of Flutistry Boston.

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