Gedigian/Adams - Survival of the Flutist

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Written by Marianne Gedigian
Illustrated by Patti Adams
Produced by Adam Workman
Story Edited by Katrina Langer
Digital Edits by Jim Atwood



Written by flutist and teacher Marianne Gedigian, Survival of the Flutist details the journey of a flutist on their path to professional and personal fulfillment. Sure to be an essential addition to every musician's library, this stunning 80+ page hard cover picture book was masterfully hand lettered and illustrated by artist, flutist and teacher Patti Adams. Produced by Adam Workman, founder and president of Flutistry Boston, Survival of the Flutist is exclusively available here at

Once upon a time there was a flutist who wanted to succeed in music more than anything else.

Originally presented by Marianne Gedigian at the 2015 National Flute Association Annual Convention in Washington DC, Survival of the Flutist follows a flutist in pursuit of a musical dream and professional fulfillment. 

They set forth on their journey with the essentials: a metronome, a pencil, and a music stand. But, can they stay humble, passionate, and eager regardless of whatever challenges they encounter? Watch as an unexpected journey unfolds...

Survival of the Flutist ® Marianne Gedigian 2015
Published by Flutistry Boston Press © Marianne Gedigian 2018