Taffanel & Gaubert - 17 Daily Exercises

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TITLE: 17 Daily Exercises
COMPOSER: Paul Taffanel & Philippe Gaubert
PUBLISHER: Alphonse Leduc
ED/ARR: Jasmine Choi
Taffanel & Gaubert’s 17 DAILY EXERCISES has long been the standard source for daily flute warm-ups and general practice. Flute virtuoso Jasmine Choi provides a must-have expanded edition presenting the complete and authentic original “T&G” enhanced by additional exercises and suggestions for further facility and elegance, along with extra workouts for the expanded low and high ranges. This new edition appears in a crisp, new engraving optimized for easy reading, with commentary and instructions from Ms. Choi based on her own notes to herself in the copy she used as a student. This new edition: • Includes the 17 Daily Exercises in their authentic form, fully compatible with the historical edition to facilitate teaching and class assignments. • Presents the 17 Daily Exercises in a crisp new engraving, optimized for readability on paper and tablets of any size. • Adds extra exercises for extended range, not available elsewhere, to build facility down to Low B and up to D4. • Provides commentary and advice, suggesting how, why, and even when to practice each of the Exercises. • Shows Ms. Choi’s markings and wisdom gathered from an array of her former teachers including Julius Baker and Jeffrey Khaner. • Illustrates the historical edition’s instructions to repeat patterns in different keys, using fully written-out examples not available elsewhere.