Senchuk, P. - Jazz Concertino

$ 25.99

TITLE: Jazz Concertino 
COMPOSER: Peter Senchuk
PUBLISHER: Forest Glade Music Publishing
INSTRUMENTATION: Solo Flute, flute ensemble 
DESCRIPTION: "I had wanted to compose a piece for quite some time that relied heavily on jazz melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structures, yet was more in a traditional concertino form. An opportunity arose to compose this type of piece for Jim Walker as soloist with the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra in the spring of 2018 and the Jazz Concertino is the result. Although the piece draws heavily from jazz idioms I decided not to have an improvised section because I wanted to compose a piece that fits more with the standard flute solo literature and would be accessible to all performers without requiring jazz improvisation. I hope that performers and audiences alike will enjoy this new take ib a classic form." --Peter Senchuk