Native American Stories in Classical Flute Music CD (Laurel Zucker)

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Laurel Zucker, flute 

Charlene Romano, alto flute

Mark Shapiro, piano

With California State University Faculty: Richard Savino (guitar) and Dr. Jack Foote (saxophone)


1. Colors Fall for Flute and Alto Saxophone - James DeMars

2. Winter Spirits for Flute - Katherine Hoover

Canyon Echoes for Flute and Guitar - Katherine Hoover

3. I. Dance

4. II. Serenade

5. III. She Mourns

6. IV. He Returns

7. Hopi Flute Prelude - John Thow

8. To Invoke the Clouds for Solo Flute - John Thow

American Suite for Flute and Piano, Op. 67

9. No. 1 - Nocturne

10. No. 2 - Bird of Prey

11. Kokopeli for Solo Flute - Katherine Hoover

12. To Invoke the Clouds for Two Flutes - John Thow 

13. Breath of the Sun for Three Flutes and Alto Flute - John Thow