Mozart, W. A. - Andante and Rondo in G Major, K. 250 from the Haffner Serenade

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TITLE: Andante and Rondo in G Major, K. 250 from the Haffner Serenade
COMPOSER: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
PUBLISHER: International Music Co
ED/ARR: Robert Stallman
DESCRIPTION: The Haffner Serenade, K. 250 (not to be confused with the Haffner Symphony, K. 385) is an unusually large orchestral work that Mozart composed in Salzburg in July of 1776 for the wedding of the daughter of Sugmund Haffner, a friend of Mozart's father and a prosperous merchant and burgomaster of Salzburg. These youthful melodies of Mozart (originally for violin) have the same lively character as his Andante in C major (K. 315) and Rondo in D Major (K. 184).