Ittzes, G. - Totem

$ 9.95

TITLE: Totem

Gergely Ittzes

PUBLISHER: Falls House Press
ED/ARR: n/a
The piece was composed due to the honorific commission of the National Flute Association. The Committee knew my previous flute works which are all based on the most up-to-date techniques of the instrument, with special attention to the multiphonic possibilities on the flute. So they expected me (and I expected myself) to write a similar composition for the selected competitors of the Young Artist Competition held in Las Vegas, August, 2012. However, I tried to keep the difficulty level reasonable even for those who have not had much experience with extended techniques before. I hope this piece of music will function as I intend: an opportunity to have joyful experiences on a lesser known skill on your instrument; a piece in which you can show both your musical imagination and technical skills; and enriching the flute repertoire with a brief but special new work which can fit into any concert program.