Hanson, H. - Clog Dance

$ 14.99

TITLE: Clog Dance
COMPOSER: Howard Hanson
PUBLISHER: Falls House Press
ED/ARR: Ann Cameron Pearce
Hanson’s Scandinavian heritage is exhibited through Clog Dance, for this piece does an excellent job of depicting exuberant movement to strident rhythms. The wooden soles of shoes utilized in such dances were carved of poplar most often and made quite a noisy exhibition as dancers showed off their energetic footwork while accenting certain stamping step patterns.  

This arrangement is about one and one-half minutes long and is scored for three C flutes and piccolo along with alto, bass, and contrabass flutes. Two bass flutes (or a C flute and a bass flute) could cover the bass and contrabass parts if some adjustments are made regarding which octave they are playing. Also, there is a C flute part included in case an alto flute is not available.