We’re excited to work with you and your teacher to help you find an instrument you love!

Below you’ll find a few pointers to help you through the trial process. Not seeing the answers below to your questions? We’re here to help!

Give us a call at 617-519-8966 or email us at info@flutistry.com.

Three ways to try instruments:

  1. Located in the greater Boston area? Book an appointment to try instruments in person or pick them up to bring home.
  2. We’ll ship instruments directly to your teacher anywhere in the US so you can try the instruments together in person.
  3. Taking lessons online? Lots of us are these days! We’ll ship the trial directly to your home, office, or a local UPS store for easy pick-up.

Ready to schedule a trial? If your teacher is a member of the Flutistry Cooperative, they’ll reach out to us directly to request the trial and get us all the information we need.

You can also reach out to us to schedule the trial yourself, but be sure to keep your teacher updated. They’ll want to know you’re trying instruments!

Receiving the trial box

You’ll receive tracking information when the instruments ship. As soon as you know when to expect them, reach out to your teacher to schedule a call or video chat to unbox the instruments together. Talk through the instruments in the box with your teacher and plan out your week. Be prepared with a plan for what to test and when you’ll play for your teacher.

Now it’s time to PLAY!


Remove rings and other jewelry that might scratch the instrument

Clean the inside and outside of the flute after each use

Put flutes away in their cases when not playing them

Consult your teacher about their testing preferences or use Flutistry’s SAFE Trial method

Do you and your teacher both want to test the instruments? No problem! Here are a few tips for sanitizing the instrument between players:

For METAL INSTRUMENTS, you’ll need alcohol wipes, interior and extra cloths, a cleaning rod, and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. We can’t ship rubbing alcohol, but we can send the other supplies in the box. Just let us know if you need them!

  1. Spray the interior cleaning cloth on the rod with alcohol. Put it through one part of the instrument a couple times, spray again, repeat on the next part of the instrument.
  2. Wipe the outside of the instrument down with alcohol wipes then wipe it down with your exterior cleaning cloth.
  3. Wash your cleaning cloths! Just throw them in with your laundry with regular detergent free of any brightening or softening agents.


Have questions during the trial? Don’t be afraid to reach out to Flutistry. We’re here to answer any questions, talk through financing options, and even work with you on Zoom if you’re having trouble picking a favorite.

Trials with Flutistry at 7-10 days. You’ll see the due date on the paperwork that arrived in the box with the flutes. Please be sure to reach out to Flutistry by phone or email by the last day of your trial to coordinate returning instruments and tell us which instrument you love!

Boxing for return shipping

Please wipe all instruments

Be sure there is padding on all sides of the instruments

If you are keeping one of the instruments, add extra packing material to fill the space.

Before taping up the box, close the top and give the box a shake. If anything is moving around add extra packaging. If not, you’ve passed the shake test. Go ahead and tape the box up!

If you received a return label in the box, attach it to the outside box. Be sure to cover up the old label. If you did not receive a return label in the trial box, please speak with a member of the Flutistry team before returning the instruments.

Flutistry offers a number of payment and financing options in addition to rebates and promotions periodically offered by the flutemakers. Whether you are looking to finance the instrument for 3 months or 5 years, we can help find the financing option that works best for you. Check out our Financing page then give us a call!

On top of the manufacturer warranty, every instrument from Flutistry comes with the same set of benefits we like to call the Flutistry Edge!

18 month Worry-Free Warranty

15% off sheet music for life

COA Price-lock

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