More than 125 years ago, Charles Molé, then principal flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, requested New England based jewelers George and William Haynes to make a copy of his metal Louis Lot flute for his students.  With that, the American flutemaking tradition was born.  Since then, Boston has been home to the most respected flutemakers in the world, coupled with a multitude of music schools,  conservatories, and performing arts organizations Boston is among the most innovative and talent-rich communities in our industry.  

Due primarily to the rising costs of manufacturing in downtown, the last of the Boston flutemakers moved to the suburbs in 2010, making downtown Boston surprisingly flute-less! Now for the first time in the history of our cherished flute city, Flutistry Boston has made it possible for flutists of all levels to have access to expert repair and instruments from makers around the world - and all in one amazing dedicated space!