Baroque Flute Lessons

The best way to understand Baroque music is to learn the instruments Baroque composers were familiar with.  Whether you are in it for the long term or just interested in a few starter lessons, a minimum of 3 lessons focusing on getting to know the Baroque flute (traverso) and all of its beautiful quirkiness is one Baroque Flutistry option.

Style Coachings

Have you ever wanted help interpreting a Bach sonata?  Or a Mozart Quartet?  Or some crazy French Baroque piece with all those extra notes?  What is the difference between French and Italian Baroque music?  (Is there a difference??)  There is a lot to discover without actually playing traverso.  Baroque Flutistry offers style coachings using any pieces you would like to explore.


Baroque Flutistry is available for masterclasses and lectures on historical performance.  Lecture topics include: Articulation & Ornamentation, Italian vs. French, Bach Sonatas, and Dance Music.  Other topics possible upon request.