Andersen, J. - Quatre morceaux, op. 62

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TITLE: Quatre morceaus, op. 62
COMPOSER: Joachim Andersen
PUBLISHER: Zimmermann
ED/ARR: Kyle Dzapo
DESCRIPTION: Joachim Andersen, one of the great flute virtuosos of the 19th century, is known to flutists primarily for his etudes, which have become standard repertoire. That he was also able to write charming character pieces suitable for both concerts and lessons is proven yet again in his "Quatre Morceaux" Op. 62: 1. Cavatine, 2. Intermezzo, 3. Dans la gondole, 4. Sérénade d'amour, which now appears in a new setting in the Andersen series edited by the American flutist Kyle Dzapo.