The Flutistry Cooperative, also known as the Co-op, is a free membership referral program available to all flute teachers*. As a Cooperative member, referral credits and benefits of the program are issued for eligible sales as defined in the terms and requirements below. Questions regarding the program may be directed to Flutistry Boston.


  1. All Co-op eligible sales must meet the following requirements:
    1. Co-op members are responsible for making initial contact with Flutistry Boston regarding each individual referral. Sales will be exempt from this program in situations where Flutistry Boston’s contact with the buyer precedes the member’s referral.
    2. At this initial contact, the member must provide Flutistry Boston with the referral’s contact information (phone, email or both), timing of the purchase, budget, and instrument preferences.
    3. The above information may be submitted in person, on the phone or via an online form provided by Flutistry Boston.
    4. Instruments may be sent for trial as described below only after collection of all required information.


  1. Instrument trials requested through the Co-op automatically receive an extended 10-day trial. Additional days may be granted at the discretion of Flutistry Boston.
  2. All trials must ship to and from the Co-op member. Any such shipment will receive free round-trip shipping.
  3. Although each instrument on trial is insured by Flutistry Boston’s commercial insurance, Co-op members are responsible for instrument care while on trial. Instrument care includes advising students/parents on general care practices and securely packaging return shipments per the guidelines provided at www.flutistry.com/shipping
  4. While on trial, care for the instruments is the responsibility of the Co-op member. Instruments that return in a condition that requires significant work may result in loss of referral credit. All such determinations are made at the discretion of Flutistry Boston. For instrument trial best practices, visit www.flutistry.com/trials
  5. Trials are available in the contiguous United States*. Co-op members located elsewhere may receive membership and trials at the discretion of Flutistry Boston. A fee may be charged for additional shipping expenses and/or alternate trial arrangements may be made.
  6. All instruments are covered under Flutistry Boston’s insurance policy while in transit and throughout the trial period. Once an instrument is purchased, it is no longer covered by Flutistry Boston and adequate insurance should be obtained by the owner. For information on securing instrument insurance, please visit www.flutistry.com/insurance
  7. Up to three instruments may be included per trial shipment for any one referral. This quantity limit may be waived at Flutistry’s discretion when trials are requested for two or more concurrent referrals.
  8. Co-op members may find themselves with more than one referral trialing instruments at the same time. Two or more eligible sales made from the same trial shipment receive an additional referral credit, as reflected in the Referral Credit Value Table.
  9. All trials include a complimentary Flutistry Boston Guide, as well as SMART Search and SAFE Trial materials, to help Co-op members, students and their parents, through the trial and purchase process. Flutistry Boston’s Your Voice Specialists are available six days a week by phone, email and video conference sessions as needed via contact information available at www.flutistry.com


  1. All new and pre-owned instruments purchased from Flutistry Boston receive Flutistry’s Edge Benefits at no additional charge. These comprehensive benefits - including standard and worry-free warranties, COA price-lock guarantee, 15% off sheet music for life, price-matching and instrument inspection & certification - can be reviewed at www.flutistry.com/edge
  2. In addition to the standard Edge Benefits, eligible purchases made through the Co-op receive the following additional benefits:
    1. Flutistry Boston’s standard 12 month Worry-Free Warranty is extended to 18 months. Wood instruments (including headjoints) receive the standard manufacturer warranty.
    2. With the completion of one eligible sale, Co-op members receive a personalized coupon code for 15% off all sheet music purchased at www.flutistry.com or in person. This code is good for one year from the date of issue.
    3. With the completion of three eligible sales, Co-op members receive a COA Price Lock Guarantee for one personal instrument. This is applicable for COAs rendered by Flutistry Boston only and is guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of the qualifying sale. Co-op members will be prompted to inform Flutistry Boston of the instrument chosen for their COA Price Lock, at which time the locked-in price will be quoted.
    4. Co-op member preferences for instrument brands, models and specifications will be kept on file at Flutistry Boston in order to ensure an exceptional level of service for member referrals. Preferences will be updated as feedback from the Co-op member is received.
    5. Each Co-op member is eligible for a customized teacher page at www.flutistry.com that can include any sheet music, accessories, recordings and instruments they recommend to their students for purchase directly through the website. Requests for additions to Flutistry’s product offering are welcomed.


  1. Eligible instrument purchases will grant the Co-op member with a referral credit value as described in the Referral Credit Value Table. Via the Credit Redemption form, Co-op members are required to choose one of four credit redemption methods per each qualifying purchase. Please see the Referral Credit Redemption Table for the terms of each redemption option.
  2. For each applicable purchase, a Credit Redemption form must be submitted by the Co-op member within one month of purchase. This form will include all identifying student/instrument purchase information, as well as the Co-op member’s preferred credit redemption method for the related referral credit. Redemption method selections are considered final at the time of form submission. If the form is not completed as described, no credit will be issued. LINK TO REDEMPTION FORM
  3. Credits are issued as described in these terms only upon the referral’s full payment for the applicable instrument. No credits will be issued while a balance is outstanding except in the case of an appeal (as described in the Referral Credit Redemption Table).
  4. While most instruments are eligible for the referral credit, some exceptions apply. The following brands and models are ineligible for referral credit: Muramatsu platinum clad, SR & gold instruments, Nagahara headjoints, flutes & piccolos, Brannen drawn tonehole flutes, Lafin headjoints, Mancke Headjoints, Hammig piccolos, Burkart Professional & Elite piccolos, and all piccolo headjoints. All benefits other than the referral credit remain applicable on these products.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Co-op member to update their contact information when applicable.
  2. The Cooperative Agreement must be renewed annually in order to maintain benefits. A renewal reminder will be sent to the Co-op member on an annual basis.
  3. The Flutistry Cooperative program is null and void until the Co-op member’s completed W-9 form is received by Flutistry Boston. A blank W9 is provided at the time of Co-op member sign-up and/or annual renewal.
  4. Flutistry Boston reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of the Flutistry Cooperative program at any time without prior notice. By agreeing to the Flutistry Cooperative Terms and Conditions, the Cooperative member releases Flutistry Boston from all legal or financial responsibility for any misunderstandings and surrenders all rights to legal action against Flutistry Boston. Failure to adhere to the terms and below may result in loss of referral credit and benefits or removal from the program.

*based in the 48 contiguous United States. Co-op memberships for those not meeting this requirement may be established at the discretion of Flutistry Boston. Please contact us for details at www.flutistry.com/contact




1) Referral Credit Co-op Member Payment
  • A check will be issued to the Co-op member for the related Referral Credit Value (see table).
  • A form 1099 will be issued per IRS guidelines for all checks paid by Flutistry Boston.
  • A check may only be issued to the Co-op member per the information provided on the member’s completed W-9 form.
2) Flutistry Boston Student Gift Card
  • A Flutistry Boston Gift Card will be issued to the purchaser of the applicable instrument for the related Credit Value (see table).
  • Flutistry Gift Cards issued through the Co-op may be used towards the purchase of sheet music and/or accessories at www.flutistry.com or in person.
3) Studio Fund
  • Credit value will be banked for future use by Co-op members and/or their students!
  • Credits banked under this program may be used toward instrument purchases, rentals, repairs, sheet music & accessories.
  • Credits may not be used for the purchase of ineligible instruments as listed in the terms and conditions.
  • Distribution of banked credits is at the discretion of the Co-op member and may only be used with their explicit authorization.
  • For tax reasons, banked referral credits applied to student instrument purchases is limited to 20-50% of the purchase price of the instrument. The redeemable amount is dependent on the instrument and will be determined on a case by case basis by Flutistry Boston.
  • There is no limit on the amount of banked referral credit that can be applied towards a Co-op member’s personal instrument purchase, but a 1099 will be issued to the Co-op member per IRS guidelines.
  • Banked referral credits may be used toward sheet music and accessories purchases by requesting a gift card code through Flutistry Boston. All codes will be issued within one business day of the request.
  • Co-op members may request their current banked balance at any time by contacting Flutistry Boston.
4) Co-op Member Appeal
  • In exceptional cases of a student in need, Co-op members may appeal to Flutistry Boston for the credit to be applied to that student’s applicable purchase.
  • An appeal should come in the form of a letter or email with sufficient background detail in support of the appeal.
  • All decisions are final and at the discretion of Flutistry Boston.

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