Wooden Flute Stand - Maple Wood

$ 142.00

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Hand-made wooden flute stands. 

Its unique design makes this stand ideal for portability.  It is compact and lightweight and is very stable when in use.

Through a unique magnetic mechanism, the base indexes and remains in an open position making a stable and reliable support for your instruments.  Through the same mechanism, the base indexes and remains closed, making the stand compact and portable for travel. 

Pegs are interchangeable and can be screwed into any of the positions on the stand.  For portability, the pegs unscrew and are stored in the stand's self contained compartment.  All stands are available in 4 wood types: oak, maple, cherry and walnut. 

Includes 2 piccolo pegs, 1 C flute peg, 1 alto flute peg, and 1 bass flute peg. Note: the bass flute peg does not fit inside the self contained compartment.