Franz, F.T. - Fun of Flying

$ 21.95

TITLE: Fun of Flying
COMPOSER: Ferne Tudor Franz
PUBLISHER: Falls House Press
ED/ARR: n/a

A composition in three sections, inspired from a cross country jet flight.

  1. "Avian Envy"- whimsical, with upper flutes(birds) twittering away ,and the contrabass blasts in contrast occasionally as the jet engine. 
  2. "LaLa Land"- contrabass and 1st flute share a lovely theme while the lower flutes provide a gentle rhythmic background: portrays those moments we settle in the seat for a snooze.
  3. "Anthill Fugue"-   Sounds like Klezmer, and the faster you play, the more fun! The alto starts the theme here, later joined by the rest. This portrays the hectic scurrying around at an airport, like ants around their mound.

Scored for: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Flutes, Alto, Bass, Contrabass