Byrd & Arbeau - Pavan and Galliard

$ 19.00

TITLE: Pavan and Galliard
COMPOSER: William Byrd & Toinot Arbeau
ED/ARR: Russell S. Howland, Janette Erickson
Because the Pavan and Galliard are in the same key, they can easily be programmed together. Both are dances which offer a nice contrast of tempos between them. The Pavan is slow and stately; its name comes from the word "pavan," which means peacock. The Galliard is noted for its short, abrupt quarter notes and lively tempo. The pieces were originally arranged by Russell S. Howland from Les Flûtes Enchantées, an augmented flute choir, of which Janette Erickson is the Music Director. Although alto flutes and bass clarinet were originally used, C flute and bass flute substitutions may be made. String bass/Contrabass flute and harp parts are also included.