Williams - Silver - #03.16.96

$ 13,495.00

This preowned silver Williams flute is a unique find in the business.  Since it was made, this flute has been played very little and is in excellent condition.  It has all of the beautiful and classic trademarks that Williams instruments are famous for.  This flute comes with our complimentary warranty and is Flutistry Boston Certified.

  • sterling silver body & mechanism
  • hand-cut headjoint with sterling silver lip & 18k white gold riser
  • 14k gold ring on crown
  • silver soldered toneholes
  • .014" thin wall
  • open hole
  • B-foot
  • inline G
  • C# trill
  • Williams felt pads
  • A=442
  • SN 03.16.96 (approximately flute no. 27)