Powell Flute - 14k Gold - #5021

$ 24,995.00

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Recently overhauled, this incredible Powell flute, made by Fenwick Smith himself, is one of the very first “Cooper Scale” flutes made in the United States. Mr. Smith played this incredible instrument in the Boston Symphony for decades and can be heard on countless recordings. It features a 14k gold body, soldered toneholes, silver mechanism, inline G, C# trill, C-foot, Straubinger pads, and a very responsive headjoint. This flute comes with our complimentary warranty and is Flutistry Boston Certified.

  • 14k gold body
  • silver mechanism
  • original 14k gold headjoint
  • silver soldered toneholes
  • .012" tubing
  • C-foot
  • open hole
  • inline G
  • A=440
  • SN 5021
  • This flute can be heard on many of Fenwick's recordings, including: