Hoover, K. - Mountain & Mesa

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TITLE: Mountain & Mesa
COMPOSER: Katherine Hoover
PUBLISHER: Papagena Press

Hungarian Lassù - the music of the gypsies of Eastern Europe is harmonically sophisticated and melodically adventurous. The "czardas", its best-known form, generally begins with a "lass

ù" that sounds, and sometimes is, improvised. The piano imitates a cymbalom, or hammered dulcimer in this duet. 

The Hopi Lullaby was notated by Natalie Curtis at Third Mesa some time before 1905. Sounds of nature were an integral part of the music of Native America, and I have set this gentile melody with simple harmonies and bird-like sounds. 

The dizi is one of the more commonly played flutes in China. The Dizi Dance uses patterns and chords characteristic of much Chinese music, combined with shifting rhythms, syncopations, and a swift tempo. 

-K. Hoover