Bayer, I. -Sechs Duettinos

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TITLE: Sechs Duettinos
COMPOSER: Inge Bayer
PUBLISHER: Zimmermann
ED/ARR: n/a

These six varied “duettinos” come along cheerfully:  sometimes in baroque style, sometimes swinging in a modern way or with romantic harmonies.  They become particularly lively through their differentiated articulation.  In the short, easy pieces, the two flutes are in dialogue with each other, each of them having equal rights to speak.  All movements are easily playable and in a comfortable pitch range.  One flute can also be replaced by a treble recorder, which extends the possibilities for teaching and performing.

German composer Inge Bayer (b.1962) studied piano at the Munich Conservatory.  Further studies in school music, piano, opera and concert singing at the Lubeck University of Music followed.  She has been a permanent member of the Lubeck Theatre Choir since 1994.  Ms. Bayer also teaches singing and piano.