Terms and Conditions


Flutistry Gift Card issued for use on the website will be valued between $50 and $600 depending on level and type of instrument purchased.

In order to receive this special promotion, the above coupon code must be added to the cart at checkout for purchases on the website. For purchases over the phone or in-person, mention the code to receive the promotion.

When adding the promotional code to the website, a value of $0 will appear. A gift card will be issued for the appropriate amount after the completion of the sale. To find out the value of your Flutistry Gift Card, contact us at www.flutistry.com/contact.

Flutistry Gift Cards may be used for all purchases through the Flutistry Boston website and in person.

All new and pre-owned instruments purchased from Flutistry Boston receive Flutistry’s Edge Benefits at no additional charge. These comprehensive benefits - including standard and worry-free warranties, COA price-lock guarantee, 15% off sheet music for life, price-matching and instrument inspection & certification - can be reviewed at www.flutistry.com/edge.

Only one promotion may be applied to a purchase. Flutistry Cooperative sales are ineligible for this promotion.

While most instruments are eligible for this promotion, some exceptions apply. The following brands and models are ineligible for referral credit: Muramatsu platinum clad, SR & gold instruments, Nagahara headjoints, flutes & piccolos, Brannen drawn tonehole flutes, Lafin headjoints, Mancke Headjoints, Hammig piccolos, Burkart Professional & Elite piccolos, and all piccolo headjoints.

Flutistry Boston reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of this special promotion at any time without prior notice.

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