With the support of the Flutistry team in Boston, President & Founder Adam Workman is excited to begin an Austin Residency in November 2019. Appointments for instrument sales and repair at all levels are available by appointment. While some inventory is available regularly on site in Austin, booking an appointment a few days in advance will help ensure the best selection of inventory for you or your students. Sheet music and accessories are not available in Austin at this time, but may be ordered online. Please use the yellow buttons below to schedule an appointment.


5400 NORTH LAMAR BLVD  |  SUITE 2006  |  AUSTIN, TX  78751
617.519.8966  |  INFO@FLUTISTRY.COM


How Much Time Do I Need for a Sales Appointment?
How Much Time Do I Need for a Repair Appointment?

Initial Trial Consultation
(2 hours)

Recommended for 'first-time' instrument trials with Flutistry Boston, this includes ample time for a thorough play-testing of available instruments meeting your search criteria as well as a brief overview of the Flutistry Formula to Sounding Your Best!


Initial Repair Assessments
Repair Drop-Offs
Consignment Assessments
(15 minutes)

Recommended for pre-scheduled repair drop-offs, as well as 'first-time' instrument repair (and potential consignment) assessments with Flutistry Boston.



Follow-up Trial Consultation
(1 hour)

If needed, 1 hour Trial Follow-up Consultations are an excellent choice to review overall trial experience to-date and to play through any additional inventory choices. Follow-ups should be reserved by those who have already participated in the 2 hour Initial Trial Consultation (above).


Quick Repair Tweaks
Flutistry Edge "Worry-free"
Warranty Adjustments
(30 minutes)

Recommended for repair tweaks and Flutistry Edge "Worry-free" Warranty adjustments.

Wrap-up Trial Consultation
(30 minutes)

Wrap-up Trial appointments should be reserved by those that have made "the big decision"! This is a great time to return any unneeded inventory from your trial, process remaining paperwork, and to review Flutistry's signature Edge Benefits which includes an overview of suggested care and maintenance for your new instrument so you always Sound Your Best!


Emergency Repair Assessments
Additional Tweaks & Adjustments
(1 hour)

Recommended for Emergency Repair Assessments and Repair, as well as more involved tweaks and adjustments.





For driving, public transportation, or walking directions please use the map above.

Whether you enter the garage from North Lamar Blvd or from North Loop, parking can be found on the ground floor of the parking garage. There you will find a dedicated space with a plaque "2006". If for some reason that space is occupied you may park in one of the "For Future Residents" spots also on the ground floor. You may also park on the very top floor of the parking garage where there are unlimited guest spots (use code "285" in order to be buzzed into the upper levels of the parking garage).

Parking in any other space than what has been noted above could result in vehicles being towed at owners expense.

When you exit the parking garage on foot, walk to North Lamar Blvd where you will find our front door (labeled with the "FB" logo) located in the center of the row of commercial spaces. Please call 617.600.8966 if you have any trouble at all and we will come to greet you!


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