Boehm, T. - Souvenir des Alpes - Vol II

$ 10.99

TITLE: Souvenir des Alpes: Volume II
COMPOSER: Theobald Boehm
PUBLISHER: Little Piper
ED/ARR: n/a

The Souvenir des Alpes, VI Morceaux de Salon, which are presented here in this publication, are delightful works that illustrate Theobald Boehm's fine compositional talents. Opus 30, 31, and 32 are the last three of this collection of six short works and are exemplary of the period. The performer will find these lovely pieces enjoyable to play and equally pleasing to the listening audience.


  • Opus 30, No. 4: Rondo Allegretto
  • Opus 31, No. 5: Andante Pastorale
  • Opus 32, No.63: Rondo Landler
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